about me

Welcome to my new blog, my name is Jerry and I’m 43. I am a mature student, I work part-time, I have a wife and two older children, and I’m now in the first year of a degree course.

So my blog will be mostly about my family and study life, but probably any other random stuff that comes into my head as well.

In terms of me personally, I am just a regular guy to be honest, I like all the usual things like sports, beer, going out and having fun, films all of that stuff. I try to get fit when I can, but that isn’t happening much at the moment, and I suppose it’s something I will probably talk about because I need to address it before it is too late.

What I mean by that is middle age spread could come more quickly than I think if I’m caught off my guard. Anyway, that’s just a little bit about me, and hopefully find using this blog will to clarify a few things.