A bit of a rambling update today

This blog post to be honest is a bit of a rambling update because nothing of any great magnitude has happened today, but it’s got late in the day and I’m feeling like I want to write in the blog.

I had a bit of a panic earlier because I had an email from the College and I thought for one horrible second that they had sussed out my cheating with my thesis.

I have been paranoid that they will find out that I had my thesis discussion written professionally, and that I then stitched it all together with the main thesis.

I know that is a long shot, because I don’t know how they would ever find out, it’s been originally written for me, and they wouldn’t be anywhere else they could check. I suppose the only way is if they thought that the thesis discussion was just out of context or completely different to what I’ve written in terms of style and content.

Anyway, that was a false alarm and I’m also pleased announce I have really started well with my diet and exercise plan. I have already lost a few pounds and I already feel little bit leaner and fitter. That’s great news because I really was starting to get concerned about that, and the more concerned I got the more I got dragged down, which meant the more I didn’t want to do it at all.

It’s things like that which can create a vicious circle in your mind and you start to spiral downwards. And the further you spiral down, the more difficult it is to stop that downward trend.

Anyway, I’ve achieved that and things are looking pretty good. And also I had a bit more time to spend with my family, I think that part of the problem recently has been I have missed my children, I have been so busy studying I haven’t really had time to them and I felt guilty about that as well. Guilt as driven a lot of my emotions over the past few weeks. And that’s why this blog has been good, because I’ve been able to confess my guilt here.

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