It’s amazing how fine the margins in life are

I was sitting studying today and trying to get my thesis finished. The thesis discussion that I couldn’t write and that I ordered from a professional writing company has arrived today.

I have edited it and try to smooth it into the rest of the thesis is best I can, and it’s getting close to feeling like I have understood exactly how the thesis should be structured and introduced and concluded. So I’m feeling quite good in a way, even though I know I have cheated with it.

And while I was in the middle of reading the thesis discussion I looked out of the window and saw something that made me realise how fine the margins in life are.

A guy was biking down the road and for some reason he lost his balance and fell sideways onto the pavement. Somebody rushed to help them and everything was fine and it was a relatively minor incident that I forgot about within five minutes of it happening.

But then what I was having my lunch I thought about how fine that margin had been. The road can get quite busy and as he fell a lorry was passing him, I think it might have been part of the reason why he got off balance, I think he heard it coming behind him, and if he had unbalanced and fallen the other way, he would have fallen under the wheels of the lorry.

Literally, the direction he fell determined whether he lived or died. That’s quite powerful and makes you realise how fine the margins of life are. It made me realise I have to just get out and do things in live life a little bit more rather than hiding away worrying about things like my thesis discussion a bit more.

Anyway, that’s my little break over it’s time for me to get back to work. I really want to succeed with my degree and I can’t do that by worrying about stuff. This blog is been really good so far for helping me to clarify my thoughts and is a welcome distraction when I’m little bit stressed or in need of a break.

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