Welcome to the blog of mature student lacking in confidence

I have given up work to do a degree for three years. We inherited some money last year and my wife agreed that it was a good opportunity for me to further my education. To be honest, for me it’s my last chance, at my age, I can’t keep going back into education, I need to make the most of this and then get on the last phase of my working life.

I am lacking confidence. I haven’t been in education for about 20 years and I’m worried about it. I think I like some of the skills, and I am concerned about my ability to complete the course with a good result.

Perhaps it is to my wife, but I think I jumped into doing a degree with a load of enthusiasm, but I didn’t think it through. I’m really struggling with how academic it is and I didn’t really consider that before I start. The workload is massive and with a wife and two children, admittedly they are older children, is causing a bit of strain in my head.

It also means having to sacrifice a lot my social life and I do feel a little isolated and lonely at times, because I am not in the workplace the way I used to be.

The reason I wanted to blog is to try and deal with some of those issues. I’m thinking that if I can talk them through then I can minimise them a bit. I don’t want to bore my partner with them, or all my friends and family, so I’m thinking that this might be a good way to softly address some of the problems before they become ridiculous.

I have a few specific things I’m dealing with at the moment, and I will talk about them later, they could have big implications if I do them, so I want to discuss them with my blog and have a proper think about them before taking action. Anyway, that’s it for now I just wanted to get this blog started and say hello, although I don’t think anybody will really be taking notice of this blog because it’s just so personal.

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